Persistent deviant behaviour (confession thread)


For the past few months I’ve been using warm water when brushing my teeth. it feels lovely.

Putting a space before a ? or ! like this?

Went through a stage of brushing my teeth in the shower (warm to hot water). Agreed, it’s good


i use warm water when i brush my teeth. am i not supposed to?


I’ve got a paperclip hidden on my desk at work that’s particularly good at scratching my ear/dislodging earwax. I’ve kept it for months. It’s really gross now.


sorry to say I find that really disgusting


Now that is deviant


Do you want a go on it?


If you find that disgusting… how do you feel about epimers earwaxpaperclip antics?


Sometimes let my toenails grow so its satisying when i cut them


I sometimes don’t take wrappers of sweets (like starbursts) when I eat them because I enjoy the contrasting textures


I feel sick.


I do not


With envy? You should, it really hits the spot.


Eat my nails
All of them


You are sick. Seek help


Wiping my arse with my foot up on the seat.


Read this entirely wrong at first.


me too :heart:




Really bad bit

  • Digging at your earwax with a paperclip
  • Digging at your earwax with the same paperclip for months on end

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