Persistent Nav Bar?


New issue here. Nav Bar looks to be persistent at top, but shit. Not justified right (notifications are off the screen) and the logo is now not looking right.



Like, now on a thread it looks like this.


Yeah this is dead annoying. Pushes my notifications off the edge of the screen.


Yeah me too. @sean have you been tweaking?


I like it


Thought I was in line for a banning for a sec


Bluto likes it.
Persistent nav bar
Persistent nav bar




Same here.


Not just DiS it seems, and also seems that it’s been fixed.


I’ve got something to put in you!
Persistant nav bar, nav bar, nav bar!


Pretty sure ‘President Nav Bar’ was my result in the Guardian’s Populism quiz


Did you make this thread just to show everyone you had a PM?