Personal Bests


I have spent over 5 hours on the phone today, all to the same person, shortest call was just over 30 minutes.



Four minutes


Was it the new guy?


Pizza to toilet?


Your gf is a very lucky lady.


No he doesn’t start until next month. It was to my boss. Usually I am grateful that he is >100 miles away. Not today.


Have I ever posted about the time I got duped by a Vodafone offer which said that long phone calls would be charged at 1p a minute after the first hour but you had to hang up after an hour and redial for it to work so I ended up running up an enormous bill by just leaving my phone connected to my gf at the time for basically entire days at a time.


Enjoy this picture I recently took of her:


Ah, okay. Were you using a handset, headset, speakerphone or some technology I’m unaware of for these calls?


No, but please don’t.


Handset as I didn’t want to subject the full roaster to it. More of the same tomorrow I think so going to WFH and speaker it up like a mutha.


I’ve read this a few times. Did you type what you meant to?


Handset for 5 hours is some going, I’m impressed.


Thanks very much.


I recently achieved a personal best of putting off a simple phone call, took me 6 months. Just needed to phone three mobile to transfer my old number over. Instead I spent 6 months carrying around two phones


I’m a two phoner… fucking work, I told them I had a dual SIM phone - just get me a SIM. We don’t do that. Fucking two phoner.


I’ve got a third phone for work


Good band


Yeah, I think I did.


I don’t understand the hanging up bit to make it work. Then you would have had to hang up on your girlfriend and not just leave it. (please bear in mind I have spent a long time on the phone today and feel a bit frazzled).