Personal Christmas Traditions

What are your own little traditions that mean christmas to you?

For me, I always try to listen to as many of the old Adam and Joe christmas radio shows and podcasts as I can. Love listening to them opening presents from each other and creasing up, always such a nice “pleasantly tipsy at Christmas” feel to them.

I also watch this a few times in December… not entirely sure why or how it started


Picky tea (little buffet for the poshos) with good stuff from M&S and some iceland weird stuff on christmas eve.


Porridge in the morning that is basically cranachan - a peaty whisky, honey and raspberries.

We’ve hosted our own Christmas since becoming parents (this will be 6th year). Not sure what we’re doing this year because planing seems pointless in advance, but four of those six years we’ve done a curry dinner - usually cooking a different curry from scratch the four weekends before Christmas and freezing, then making one or two more on the day along with flatbreads, salads, chutneys etc. Honestly my favourite Christmas dinners (I like the traditional, but happy to scratch that itch elsewhere).

Coffee with small amount of each amaretto, Baileys, whisky and a whisky liqueur.

just once, usually in the 3rd or so week of december i’ll go and buy some ridiculous christmas coffee bullshit. this year it was a gingerbread latte with whipped cream from costa. absolutely pure disgusten, couldn’t finish it. this is pretty much how it goes every year.


There’s a thread for that and nobody got involved this year and it broke my heaarrrrtttt


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9th november :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Blame the coffee shops not me Eric. I don’t manage the menu releases

It used to be that me and one of my ATDs would buy a box of beer each and watch Zatoichi films and Richard Pryor from the early afternoon but that doesn’t happen now we live a different ends of the country.

I’m trying to start a new tradition of getting myself a takeaway lunch on the day I finish work. I did it last year and I want it to happen again.


always take a little walk on my own for an hour or so to clear my head and to feel a bit like i’m shrugging off the shite of the year previous


“Do you fancy some turkey curry on boxing day son”
“I don’t eat turkey on christmas day, never have because i don’t like it you know this”
“yeah but it’s different in a curry”
“it’s still turkey mum”

Been going on a good 25 years without fail


Stay up far too late on Christmas Eve getting pissed


I also did this with the Starbucks caramel waffle latte. It was nice…but I had no cream so the waffle bits they usually put on the cream just sunk to the bottom to create some kind of soggy mush that made for a very unpleasant final sip.

This plus Chinese food and listening to Kiss.


Usually just bringing up the time my sister in law had a proper moan at my bfs family tradition of pigs AND blankets.
This year she has been given the sausages and the blankets to do the wrapping herself but I have a bet with my bf on who out of us will be brave enough to say “I prefer the pigs and the blankets separately”


Buy a pack of Coca Cola in glass bottles, probably psychological but tastes much nicer than canned.

Get M&S bits- the caramelised cashews (the salty sweet dust that collects at the bottom of the tub is so good), the salt and pepper mix crisps, some nice store cupboard stuff.


Putting in my yearly toilet roll order.

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Non toilet toll traditions are severely lacking. I keep trying to create some but not result getting anywhere.

I guess we make gingerbread biscuits and I always watch Scrooged as its my favourite film but otherwise there’s not much else.

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It’s my grandma’s birthday on Christmas Eve. The family has scattered around the world in recent years, but when we were all still in London we would just get absolutely shitfaced on Christmas Eve and wake up some time in the afternoon on Christmas Day.

I never partook but some of the older family members would go to midnight mass in a very inebriated state

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