Personal discovery, introspection and statistics

I haven’t been wankered since November. I mean I’ve had three or four beers a couple of times but not shitboxed. Just snuck up on me that one. Been stoned off me tits enough though.

Any personal milestones? Sexual or other?

When’s weed day?

EVERY DAY! (unfortunately it is once a fortnight)

To coincide with the council collecting the green bins?

Ok Balonz Marley (it definitely works)

I reckon I could probably recall the exact dates I “had my most recent X” for over 70% of Xs

Didn’t have you pegged as a stoner

Want to come round for some Mario Kart?

I genuinely would love to do that


Having just thought about it I’m pretty sure the last time I was wankered was last May Bank Holiday, so a year this weekend. Had you not made this thread this milestone would have gone unnoticed.