Personal Pavlovs

What personal pavlovs do you have?

When I was a teenager, I was knocking them out so regularly that I needed to use some sort of lubricant in order to keep going. To do this I’d regularly use this cheap body cream that I found in the bathroom cabinet.

Didn’t think anything of it for years, but then one time when visiting home, I went to use some body cream, popped the lid and was instantly aroused from the smell alone. Unreal.

You got any personal pavlovs?
  • Nah
  • Maybe, but can’t think of any right now
  • Yeah, but I don’t wanna share
  • Yeah, and I wanna share
  • Dunno
  • Other

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your own
someone to make you unwell
by ringing a bell


The smell of pampers baby wipes puts me into “Ok, somebody’s shit themselves” mode regardless of the context in which I smell them.


Got a couple of sentences which are in instant sploosh

not really a Pavlov but I get really strong deja vu about my grandad’s garage (not a euphemism) when I smell Swarfega.

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they come and they fuck my stage

I…don’t understand what this means.

Similar to the OP but the handsoap in the PE blocks at school which I vividly remember the smell of and associate with using after fingering my then gf

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Oh sorry the “in” was supposed to be “an”!

Does it matter who says them?

No, obviously it’s better if certain people say them but anyone at all which has, at times, made me feel a bit


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Thought this thread was going to be about pavlovas


I was thinking about a similar thread because I went into a Boots store at the weekend and immediately walked over to have a look at the meal deal options.

I had eaten in the previous hour and was not hungry.

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The smell of a catalogue will make me aroused. Fortunately it’s not an everyday smell these days.

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For me it’s the smell of Jeyes fluid. You can still get it, but in the 80s and 90s they used to religiously scrub playgrounds with it. Smelt it recently and was transported to kicking a water-sodden foam football at a red brick wall.

The FaceTime incoming call sound sends me into an instant panic now. It either means my MIL is having an emergency that is going to make our lives hell (thankfully hasn’t happened yet) or it’s one of her fake emergencies where she starts demanding we come over to do something for her despite the ongoing pandemic that she isn’t taking seriously / knowing what our boundaries are and have been for the past 2+ years.

It should up in a movie the other night and I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Also whenever it smells like Halloween (mix of cold fresh autumn air and burning fire places) I get an overpowering urge to listen to Siamese Dream as loud as possible.

Got some squirty soap in the house that smells of aloe vera and it reminds me of a body spray that basically every lassie at school used to wear when i was a younger man.