Personal Review of 2017: +s & -s



How’s your year been DiS?

  • +Feeling fit and healthy and not bad for an old fart
  • -Relationships with the opposite sex have been by turns exciting and depressing. Sort of the latter at the moment
  • +Finally got my own place
  • -Getting more sentimental about regrets. I’ve had a few, but then again…
  • +Looking forward to 2018: I want to meet some more of you lot


BAD: mental health stuff
GOOD: got help for mental health stuff and it’s been genuinely life-changing

GOOD: won a Netrunner store championship, which was my goal for this year
BAD: did shite in the properly big events anyway

GOOD: new niece arrived and she’s adorable
BAD: there’s no downside to this one


Bought a flat
Did a fucking shitload of cycling and smashed all my goals

Problems with said flat
Life is quite dull tbh and sometimes it gets me down


Massive downer alert: any positives massively overwhelmed by the death of my mother-in-law. First christmas without her and it’s going to be cripplingly bad. Would give anything to have her back for the sake of my wife’s happiness.


A very mixed bag as ever I guess. But the positives outweigh the negatives so strolling on.

Ended a 13 year relationship. Not under good circumstances. It’s been weird.
Work continue to dick us about and I feel stuck here.

My friends have all been bloody brilliant. Every single last one of them.
Started dating again and it’s really fun. Meeting cool people and I think I’m smitten with the latest one.
Went to chuffing JAPAN!!
Got a new bike
Met some of the absolute top lads from the website Drowned in Sound, rode bikes and sank pints with them.
Plenty of good gigs
Mate got married
No funerals




Sorry to hear about this man, that’s heartbreaking. Had a similar thing with my Grandad passing last year and it wasn’t until xmas day I really started to notice like “fuck, he’s not here!” Cant begin to imagine how bad it will be for your wife. Hopefully there are some moments where she can look back and laugh at ridiculous/daft stuff that happened on Christmas past, even if it’s just for 5mins. Really sorry for your loss :pensive:



•band stuff is nice and busy and fun
•I have the best partner
• I’m about as physically fit as I’ll get

•I made a very big mistake leaving my job for something else in March, had a bad 6 months at the new place and it looks like I’ll see in 2018 jobless
• my mental health / self confidence has been and sort of still is allll over the place


Christmas can be a tough time. Hope it’s ok for you and your good lady jezza x



Holiday in Barcelona.
Taking my eldest nephew to his first ever gig.
New kitchen (hopefully)


Work stress/anxiety.
Worries about youngest nephews health
Worries about mums health.



Did alright in first year of my MA (Merit, Merit, Distinction)
Done a fair few tours over summer
Spent pretty much the entirety of summer in different places house sitting and having new adventures
Seeing a few friends more often than usual
Got a handle on my depression for the second year in a row

Lack of work, especially writing work
Having all my money stolen
Not being able to extend my course to MFA because of all of the above
Friends who have lost touch


Hope it’s not too hard for you both x



(that’s pretty bloody impressive x)


+ve Sorting out the house/DIY has progressed
-ve Didn’t make any progress with the garden at all
+ve GF got a new job and it’s made a huge difference
-ve Mine is beginning to get me down a bit
+ve Got my bike and started cycling into work on a regular basis
-ve I haven’t been able to cycle as much as I want to
+ve Ran my first marathon
-ve With a bad injury which took several months to recover from
+ve niece has reached that age where she recognises who I am and can say my name
-ve Don’t get to see her that often
+ve Brother and his girlfriend got a dog
-ve I’ve yet to meet it

+ve The leap in young voter participation and engagement at the general election
-ve Brexit
-ve Trump
-ve The normalisation of the far-right that led to the above.

(think the latter bunch have been the biggest influence on my mood and perception of the year. My personal circumstances could be perfect, but I’d still be stressed out, anxious and down about the year given what’s happening in general)


Agreed, it has been a crazy year in the ‘wider world’. I comfort myself with the fact that people are generally alright: there are far more of us than there are of them and we will continue to muddle along.


I keep wanting to think that, then stumbled across the comments on a Breibart Facebook post about the NFL this morning and it’s a stark reminder at how awful people are


I was only a few marks away in both merits from a distinction and I think it was the referencing or something that screwed it up. I’m just annoyed that I didn’t try a bit harder for those extra marks but surprised I pulled it off at all! (Never been to uni so academic writing is all new to me)


+Achieved official King Tipper status on DiS

-Neglibile (see: ‘+’)


let’s go

+qualified and got a job as a teacher which is totally ace

-MrS really struggling with his mh and job

+kids are continually brilliant, supportive and funny

-continuing situation with FiL which doesn’t seem to be improving and is really impacting on - number 1

@Jeremys_Iron it’s a properly tough time, be kind to yourselves and don’t feel you have to ‘do’ Christmas if you don’t want to. It is a really difficult time of year x


pretty sure i can turn it all around in december