Personal success barometers

Hiya! Doing a bit of a lift reassess, getting my AIMZ and GOaLs sorted.
It’s a bit whack a mole, get one thing sorted and it just moves the goalposts of contentment.

So just thinking of what the DIS hive mind interprets ‘succeee’ as, might help me focus my thinking a bit! Cheers all!


Bit busy so will
Check in with this later!!!

Used to think it was having a comfortable home, a reliable car and a well-paid job.

Now I reckon it’s having some degree of peace of mind, having a support network of people who care about your wellbeing, and having some sort of hobbies or interests that you genuinely enjoy.


Just want to retire


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When in doubt I tend to defer to Civ 6 so you either need to look at killing all your neighbours or becoming a cultural powerhouse.

Serious answer: I used to think like this and found it really harmful for my mental health (and ironically I became much more “successful” when I stopped thinking about it and just took a “what happens happens” approach). But appreciate it will be different for different people :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m kindof the other way round, used to be much more ‘whatever happens happens’ and have slowly realised that if I’m not actually focussed on making stuff happen then not much actually happens at all. :grinning:


Basically unless I have a moment like at the end of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey where I rock out to a Kiss song in such a rad manner that world peace is declared immediately I’m marking my life down as a dismal failure.


Personally, having the time and the cash to do what i want.

Not overly arsed about where i live and what i own but being able to say yes when it’s something i want to do really matters to me


Being able to have a nice, quiet sit down.

One day I will achieve this.


Being able to say no to stuff I don’t want to do


With this ideal sit down:

  • Would you do a big sigh as you sit back
  • What would you be sitting on?
  • Would you have a drink to have and if so what?
  • Would you have background music on and if so what?
  • How long would you like the sit to last?

Look forward to hearing your reply x

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Eh? What was everyone else doing during the culmination of your epic Tom Waits listening club thread (albeit to Metropolitan Glide rather than a Kiss song)?!?

lifes rich tapestry


I’m not saying I expected that Listening Club to unite the whole world in appreciation for the old gruff lad and his weird pirate songs but it would have been nice is all

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Damn you to hell One From The Heart!!!

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Used to just be the basics for me but then this tweet taught that I should probably be upping my game :thinking:

NGL, the age and eyes are proving really difficult…

my dream partner:
Doesn’t hate me

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There are many contexts for a good sit, but a nice one I’d like to aim for:

  • Oh yes I’d sigh. Can’t sit down at all without some noise.
  • I’d be sitting on a nice, cushioned lounger, just out of the sun, on a terrace somewhere, overlooking the sea. It would be that lazy time of late afternoon where the shadows are beginning to lengthen and the air takes on a heavy, golden hue. I would’ve spent the day walking round an art gallery and through winding city streets, maybe cooled off with a swim, and now I have some time before dinner.
  • Not picky on a drink. A cold beer, a nice G&T, maybe a negroni. Something slightly bitter and crisp just to take the edge off the day and loosen the mind.
  • No music. Maybe just a gentle buzz of chatter from people over at the bar or hanging out in the pool. I’d have a copy of a mid-period Jack Reacher thriller that I haven’t read yet to read, but I might not open it. Probably just sit and daydream.
  • The sit would last maybe an hour. Perhaps an hour and a quarter. Probably enough for two drinks. Long enough for the sun to sink down the horizon and my appetite to build up. Then I’d go have a shower and get dressed for dinner.

That would be a good sit.


Personally I usually set my store by convincing the whole world of the one true path to enlightenment

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