Personal success barometers

My word that sounds like a good sit :open_mouth:


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That does sound really good! Hope you get there!!! :grinning:

If the weathers nice tomorrow, just go to the coast and do it.
Phone in sick, just pretend to go to work and do it.
Might ruin your life, might not but go get your sit down

When I first got into the working world, I said I would consider myself successful when I do a job that someone couldn’t realistically be trained to do it in a two week induction programme.

I got that job in 2015 and didn’t bother updating my criterion after that so everything seems like a win now.

I never had this goal myself as my ADHD brain gets money and says “get that the fuck away from be right now” but thanks to my wife’s more level headed approach we have a small financial safety net which feels like a success I could have only dreamed of previously.

  1. Being financially stable and having a living situation where I know I’m secure for a good chunk of time (ie, not going to have to worry about housemates moving in and out or landlords changing contracts)
  2. Having a job where I’m trusted to just get on with things and no one is hovering over me. The next step up is a job where I feel some small measure of achievement on occasion.
  3. Having a really lovely romantic partnership in which I feel supported and safe.

I’ve got those 3 so I feel pretty good most of the time but this last one…

  1. I will really be just King Shit of Fuck Mountain when I finish a novel draft that I genuinely feel is good. Not just based on a word count, but something that is actually finished; actually has a clear plot and characters who move through arcs. Like properly finished. I will then print it up and get it bound and sign it myself and just feel good because it will be the product of like ten years of snatched hours in between work and life and several breakdowns. Then I reckon I’ll get into pottery.
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The older you get, the more not being dead becomes a measure of success


Having enough money to be able to go on a once in a lifetime trip, like into space, or down to see the Titanic.

Virgin Orbit almost did both in one journey tbf…

I’ll feel like I’ve made it when I can wash something without it shrinking

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Will read this all tomorrow and make the necessary amendments


I am a complete and utter failure

Have read through all this now. Not as helpful as I would have liked tbh :grinning:

Thanks anyway!