Personalised Numberplates

  • For egotistical dullards only
  • Can sometimes be fun, come on guys lighten up
  • Can’t wait to get my own
  • I have one and it’s great

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Here’s one I was behind a couple of days ago.

The absolute worst are some form of ‘BO55’ or similar.

Absolute wankers.

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Car near me has ‘HYG’.

so, so tory. but like, nu-tory, not thatcher tory.

My ex father in law has one.

This is the car of a famous/ infamous Brighton “character”

Here he is with just the plate!

The police are always telling him off as the plate doesn’t conform to the rules or something


sub thread - plates that are not vanity plates, but kind of work for the owner of the car anyway

My mum used to have a red cortina with the plate

0AN 4X

It was a bit like someone’s saying “Oh Anne, 4 letter word” (my mum’s name is Anne)

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one of my ATDs has one but then he’s an absolute muppet

It’s not the worst crime, I agree.

I have one of these that my Dad got me as a gift when I bought my car. Not really ‘personalised’, more a regular 09 numberplate that happens to contain my initials. makes it well easy to remember when you’re having to check into hotels and whatnot

passed a taxi this morning that had BIG TXA

which sort of looks like it says big taxi but not really.

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was it yellow?


5H1T 4 CUNT5


Total bollocks for twats.

But my local bakery’s vans all end in “BUN” which makes me smile.


Currently sporting 0000 0FT on ye olde Jag SE.

Safe to say i’ve been getting a liiiiiiiiitle more attention off the ladies.


Haven’t seen it around here for a good couple of years mind…

my ex’s was POO2 0EK

like poo too, oh 'eck. she was the primary school teacher so the kids she taught knew it as poo car and told her on monday whenever they saw us over the weekend


yeah my mate got one for his 21st. bit of a weird present but you know, whatever

Saw one on a big Merc parked at Brands Hatch many years ago that was PEN 1S. Either very self deprecating or he worked for Biro or Bic.

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