Personality "Tests" (Myers-Briggs, Insights, DISC etc.)


Yeah I think about this a lot. Exercises in working out the behavioural/psychological composition of your team do seem to have value. But something like Myers-Briggs is too clunky (not to mention discredited) to work. Belbin was ok I guess but I can’t remember it, which tells its own story.

I say this because I firmly believe it is a manager’s job more to respond to the behavioural/psychological composition of individuals in your team rather than to shape them. I find defaulting to the Big 5 model to be useful enough with this, certainly has influenced me in certain regards in how I manage my team.

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Spoke to my manager about this last night and apparently these reports are not sent to anyone except us, and sharing the contents is entirely at our discretion. She’s also taken aback by hers and her view was that the senior who’s had us do the tests means well and just wants the team to get to know each other but on balance, probably shouldn’t have done it during a global pandemic.