Personality Tests

Do you enjoy these? I know some a widely debunked but they’re quite fun if not taken too seriously. I also get mild ASMR from particularly specific ones (usually more likely with consumer surveys rather than personality tests). Trying to find the one that defined “intellectualist” personalities as I mentioned on the Anon Polls thread, but for now this is a decent one:

I’m a “Mediator”

Ironically usually promoted by those who have no personality


:fire: :fire: :wink:

Did a quick search but couldn’t find anything. Fair enough though if so

We’ve done all threads before tbh. Don’t think I’ve seen one about Berlin recommendations recently mind.


Need a new mattress come to think of it

Is this a test to see who has the “pushover and happy to be quiet over nothing at all” personality trait?

Me too. It’s just a pain of a shop innit

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I got INFP just now which I think I got before

It’s always with the INF anyways for me

Thinking about trying to save to buy a place if I can actually relocate my job next year, but having to think about stuff like mattresses and sofas is totally putting me off.

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I think these are utter shite, how I feel is based on lots of things, and how I might act in a situation is based on lots of things- how much I’ve eaten, how I’ve slept, if I’ve just had some bad/good news ect. not sure how it helps anyone to try and code all humans into 16 groups and then say it’s all sorted.

Also it seems to leave out gendered experiences as a factor in categorising you, which seems flawed

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Based on your answers, you are…



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Yep, then there’s spending money on boilers and roof tiles and carpets…


I went £400 over budget on the living floor yesterday just to have one less thing to think about.

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Probably just be a flat, so that would at least not require me to have opinions on roof tiles. But all the rest, urrrrrggghhh

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Yeah I quite like them (occupational hazard maybe). I pretty much consistently come out as ENFJ.

I’m always INFP , but I know how I’m supposed to be answering to get that if you know what I mean, so any retest I do is bollox anyway

Rent 4 Life, burn sofa when move, profit?

EDIT - God I’m tired, but at least I don’t have to worry about this shite, sorry it’s getting you down.

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