Personality Traits (a poll thread)

Public answers.

What are you like?

  • I’m far too jealous
  • I’m a bit too jealous
  • I’m not jealous at all

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  • I’m far too crude
  • I can be crude sometimes
  • I’m not crude at all
  • I should be a bit cruder

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  • I’m VERY funny
  • I’m quite funny
  • I’m not funny
  • I’m unfunny
  • I don’t know how funny I am but I hope I’m funny
  • I don’t know how funny I am but I don’t care

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  • Lover
  • Hater

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  • I’m an angry person and need help
  • I’m an angry person
  • I often get angry
  • I’m rarely angry
  • I’m never angry

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  • I’m curious as all heck
  • I’m quite curious
  • I’m bi-curious
  • I’m a bit curious
  • Curiosity killed the cat

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  • intro
  • extro
  • don’t know
  • skateboarding

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  • I’m a people person
  • I like people most of the time
  • Comme ci, comme ca
  • People can fuck off
  • Cats

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The important thing is that I make me laugh.


karaoke ?

  • okay
  • not a snowball’s chance in hell
  • some fence sitting answer that no one cares about

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Would never dream of doing karaoke sober. Bit would also struggle to remain sober somewhere that has karaoke, so it’s a yes from me

find out my myers-briggs results tomorrow.


Can there be an I’m pretty much not jealous at all in my romantic relationship but I can be a bit jealous in friendship relationships option?

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Think I can be quite funny when I’m very comfortable with someone, but chronically unfunny when I’m not.

it came back negative