Peruvian-Japanese cuisine seems to be hot right now

Never had it, personally.

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I made some a few months ago and got hugged by my boss. Can confirm hot right own.

matcha picchu

Ive been in NY for the last 2 weeks, Venezuelan food seems to be the hype food for the hipsters here atm.

Arepas and tequenos are fucking amazing tbh.

punchline needs a bit of work


Kind of weird how Nikkei has kicked off again this year.

Up 6.3% YTD.

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Thought that was last year tbh. It’s all over Leeds.

(Not a big arepa fan)

They were the front 2 in my PES 4 Master league side


she’s seemed fine to me!!


Had some Shisjo Pancha only last night, mate - effectively a Jaruvian (the actual term for the hybrid cuisine) street salad.