Pet Shop Boys

We had tickets (and have rescheduled tickets) to see the New York leg of that tour.

The original plan was to see that on one day, and David Byrne on another.

I hope that comes off.


I’m not scared is sublime. :heart_eyes:


Tour dates unsurprisingly put back to 2022.

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It will be nearly three years after I bought the tickets by that point.

Not surprising but still :weary:

That first run of Please through to Behaviour is still unbeatable. Actually and Introspective are massive highlights for me.

I remember listening to ‘Very’ and thinking… “umm…” and then they never really recovered for me.



Why is it despite probably having heard it thousands of times does Rent still take me by surprise and blow me away?!
Every time I hear it I pick up something new. :heart_eyes:

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Perhaps optimistically, we’ve rebooked (refundable) flights and accommodation for the rescheduled PSB/New Order show in New York in September, and will tie it in with a trip to American Utopia, which is scheduled to re-start the week beforehand.

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That is very optimistic, but what an amazing trip if it can happen!

I went through a minor but intense phase of being a PSB fan in their heyday. Recently been playing this album, which really I shouldn’t like (Balearic disco pop? No thanks mate :expressionless:) but it’s a brilliant set of songs.


Never envisaged Neil and Chris at the crease, but there you go…