Pet Shop Boys

Speaking of Rent it’s always worth reading the explanation of how it was made and what it’s about from their own ‘Deluxe edition’ liner notes (circa 2001)


All their liner notes are super interesting, I think they are the only reason I own a copy of Elysium. That talk about semi colons and conjunctions in relation to Rent is really illuminating.


I have totally re-evaluated Elysium and really like it now. ‘Leaving’, ‘Invisible’ and ‘A Face Like That’ are top-notch PSB.

I love Leaving too, I would put it up with their very best, Face Like That is fun, I can’t remember Invisible at all, which is apt. Requiem’s a gorgeous closer. I’m really not sure about the rest though. It’s quite funny how they say that Winner is a work of genius, I’m sure they just do it to wind the fans up.

Agree - Winner is a wind up! They played it live on the last tour!

The bloody nerve of that pair

As dreadful as ‘Winner’ is, this remix is beautiful.

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Oh…my. That really is quite lovely.

6Music did a PSB night recently, including this section where the first bit is their John Peel session. Always seemed strange, in a good way, that they did a John Peel session. First track, ‘London’ sounds really flat, but the other three tracks sound great.

Giving this a spin. Timeless record. Beautiful.


I think this is the exact record for the mood I’m in so it’s going on here too


‘Only The Wind’ and ‘The End Of The World’ sublime.
‘So Hard’, as good as it is, feels out of place.

The End of the World seems to be quite underrated, it’s always been a fave of mine too. So Hard does stand out but it’s How Can You Expect To Be Take Seriously? that makes me ask “what on Earth are you doing on here?”

My October Symphony creeps up on me, I sort of forget how much I like it, the strings are so sweet and nobody else could have written it.


Zara, of all people, have a PSB range at the moment

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The 1990s perfect cd single release personified