Pet Shop Boys

It’s not licensing as it’s not a sample. It’s copyright infringement of the publishing rather than the recording. In all likelihood Neil and Chris will be credited as co-writers and could potentially take an enormous chunk of all royalties.

Introspective at 35…


My original '88 copy is still the best sounding vinyl i ever heard. I always wondered if the triple-vinyl sounded even better but never owned a copy.


Both sound amazing. Have to agree, the original 1988 pressing is fantastic.


Interesting on the Drake front; was watching an interview with Neil and John Doran, where Neil mentions he’s constantly surprised that ‘West End Girls’ is never referenced in the history of rap. I’ve always felt it’s a rap record?
Neil also mentions, that if one viewed it as a rap record - it was the first of that genre to go to number 1 in the US singles chart.

Neil features on a track on the new CASISDEAD album, out today.

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i find it incredible that there are people out there who don’t fucking adore pet shop boys. :laughing:


Just in case there’s anyone in the country who hasn’t seen this tour yet…

(actually, it’s been ages since they played Belfast, so if you’re NI-based, get on this)

Sleaford Mods releasing ‘West End Girls’ for Shelter charity on 12”. Includes remixes by Pet Shop Boys, HiFi Sean and Extnddntwrk.
The remixes are great on first listen -

Could not pay me to listen to that.


Confirming it is very bad. He’s a very poor MES impressionist

I like Pet Shop Boys.
I like Sleaford Mods.
This doesn’t need to exist.

(edit: it’s for charity so maybe pretend I didn’t say this)

And if all that fails - go see it at the cinema!

Going to see them in Birmingham next summer and I’m still going to do this too.

Maybe the best song of all time



Categorically their best song, which considering the strength of their back catalogue must pretty much make this the best song of all time.


Looks like they’ve just added a Barbican screening as well

I can’t make either of these dates, annoyingly, but given that I’m seeing the real thing in June I’ll cope. :slight_smile: