Pet Shop Boys

I know it’s a while away but I cannot wait to see them next year :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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can never quite figure out why the pet shop boys are good

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it’s just one of those mystical things Bam. :+1:
I’m listening to them as i type this. Got Rent from Actually on the go, beautiful,

don’t think I like them but feel like I should without knowing why. Just peer pressure I guess

hey Bammers, if you don’t like em then you don’t like em. nothing wrong with that. just listen to whatever floats yer boat.:+1:

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I like the chorus of west end girls but most of the rest of what I’ve heard is too cheesy like a casio keyboard demo or something

that beautiful casio keyboard sound. i banged on and on at my folks when i was addicted as a youngster to the pet shop boys to get me a keyboard, they finally did, and it was a casio, i still have it. :grinning::grinning:
for me neil tennant is one of the great lyricists of our time.


just listened now and yeah it’s a great song in spite of the 80sness

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Think I’m just about the right level of drunk for this evening. So excited!


Hope it was a good night - unique opportunity to see them in a tiny venue - I’m sure it was amazing. Looking forward to Hyde Park tomorrow.

Was great to see them in such a small venue and Neil looked like he was loving it. It was a run through of tomorrow and I was hoping for some extra treats in the encore which didn’t happen but still a fun evening. Also befriended a New Yorker who is here for the weekend and PSB are his favourite band so was on cloud nine. I’m out drinking / dancing with him now. Happy days.


Take any pics?

I think it’s because they seem like really nice guys. I too am not really into their stuff but always feel a bit hollow about it because pretty much everyone else I know is. I really like Neil’s voice just often it’s too synth pop for me to really get into. I remember watching a bit of a Glasto performance when I was there once but even with the amazing visuals and whole crowd into them it didn’t click (Glastonbury performances are the only times I’ve really got into REM and Smashing Pumpkins)

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Nah they were being super strict about that, at the bands request. Even stopping people taking selfies before the gig had started, was quite nice not having a sea of cameras in the air though which probably makes me officially an old man.

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I snuck a not very good pic…

Amazing gig - so much fun. Roll on this evening :+1:


The setlist is embargoed on, too. I’ve never seen that before.

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Also on

Found the set list on the Instagram should anyone be interested:

That’s the one I meant. Duh.

Great fun last night in Hyde Park.

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