Pete Shelley :(






Aw, Vic Goddard was on Marc Riley last night and he was briefly mentioned something about him wearing purple or red flaired cords.

And I actually thought I’ve not listened to Buzzcocks in ages.


Possibly the greatest singles compilation of all time. It’s a bit of a shame that it came to overshadow their (excellent) albums.




Everybody’s Happy Nowadays backed with this has to be one of the best 7" releases ever. :+1:


Don’t think I’ve ever seen a single post about The Buzzcocks on here, didn’t realise they were so loved. Seen em a couple times and lots of fun. RIP.



Ah this is sad news. Buzzcocks have aged the best of all the early punk bands I think.

I saw Buzzcocks a few years ago and me and Pete Shelley made an uncomfortable amount of eye contact aha! They were great though.


This hit me far harder than I thought it would. Though I’m not a regular listener of Buzzcocks I don’t think I’d quite appreciated how much they meant to me, and how influential Shelley’s guitar sound and style was on me as a musician. In fact, I liked the solo in ‘Boredom’ that I nicked it note-for-note (all two of them) for a track by my old band. This one’s for you Pete!


Etc, etc.


Guess I generally don’t remember threads from ten years ago :man_shrugging: