Peter Bradshaw has ranked all the Coen Brothers films in his garden

He’ll want to move numbers 14 through 18 from under the big tree if he doesn’t want the pigeons to cack all on the DVD cases. Not that The Ladykillers would be any great loss! Right, cinephiles? :wink:


Looks like it could rain as well: unless his guttering is extremely secure then his copy of A Serious Man will surely succumb to water damage should precipitation ensue!

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Now this is a premise I like

has he ranked them all equally at the bottom of the patio?

You should have dropped the N from ‘ranked’ imo

Bet he hasn’t even got a garden (because he dug it out and put a big cinema there instead).

That would’ve been the sensible option, but turns out Mrs. Bradshaw had arranged for someone to come over and quote them on how much it would cost to fit a conservatory so he has to use the lawn.

He’s grumbling about it, not least because he must reluctantly admit that the whole situation is giving him a stronger sense of identification with the milquetoast male characters that populate the Coens’ cinematic oeuvre!

He assumes that’s Mrs. Bradshaw’s job, the bloody sexist