Peter Bradshaw has ranked the films of the Coen Brothers in the guardian


Let’s disagree with him here.


i can’t believe he’s done this

(haven’t looked yet)


He’s done a dreadful job of doing so.


i’ve looked at it now

i can’t believe he’s done this


looks fine


nice of you to join us, mr bradshaw


You are crazy Stickboy.

Burn After Reading as their second worst!? Hudsucker behind O Brother and Intolerable Cruelty!? The Man Who Wasn’t There as their fourth best!?


It’s how I’d rank them if I wanted people to comment/retweet/share with their outrage, tbh.


I dunno, seems fair enough overall.

The only bit I can truly muster the effort to get irked at is the placing of The Man Who Wasn’t There.


Ahhh… Clever Bradshaw…


Not as bad as i thought it would be.

Fargo should be higher
Burn after reading should be higher

The man who wasnt there should be lower

Still not seen llewyn or hail caesar


Both of those are better than Intolerable Cruelty, but I am in the Intolerable-Cruelty-is-underrated camp.


O, Brother Where Art thou? at 15 behind Hail, Caesar is madness.


yes yes I am

ok fine burn should be the VERY worst - I admit that


I sometimes think that Inside Llewyn Davis is my favourite Coen Brothers.


Actually, yeah, this is a madness.


not this.


I got to Oh Brother Where Art Thou? at 15 and just closed the tab. I don’t have room for that much wrongness in my life.


Rubbish film.


Hey! Wait a minute! That doesn’t tally with my line of thinking at all!