Peter Hook

Not really sure what to make of it really.

I very much doubt the timing is anything other than coincidental (as in I doubt he sat down and re-wrote it after she died in an attempt to boost sales)

But then again I don’t really know anything about the guy so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know.

People are fallible I guess. Even designated national treasures. Hook deserves some credit for speaking about it maybe. But the timing does seem a bit :confused:

Peter Man Door Hand Hook Car Door


Brian Uppercut.

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40% of domestic violence victims are male, and it’s a subject that deserves more press, but…

Now’s not the time, Hooky lad.


is there no (Guardian) comments on that or is it just that i can’t see them

Sometimes they don’t have them. Legal reasons or just oh-god-what-awful-things-will-people-say-about-this things.

I notice nigel slaters recipes never have them either, i wonder if thats because he’s such a big dog at the graun he can demand that. Good for him like.

“Somebody of Peter Hook’s stature”

dunno if he’s the poster boy you really want