Peter Sallis RIP


Remember the good times


Nooooooooo!!! :sob: :broken_heart:


Oh fucccccck. Last of the Summer wine is legitimately one of my favourite comfort shows. Really loved this man :frowning:


Oh no. I’m 40 years old. He’s one of those people that were always around on TV growing up. Came across as a really nice bloke.
Any other voice but his for Wallace just wouldn’t have worked. RIP.


An absolute gent. Rest in peace, my friend. Bowl out my grandad up there won’t you? :cricket:


awh that’s a shame but great innings and what a great body of work to leave behing. RIP Wallace


Oh that’s so sad to hear. My childhood - from Last of the Summer Wine to Wallace and Gromit - was soundtracked by his lovely voice. Sad news :frowning: