Peter Silberman


yer man form the Antlers has an album out in winter 2.

Here’s the first song. I didn’t really dig the last Antlers album that much, but on first listen, I like this a lot more.


Good to have him back. Wonder if we will ever get another Antlers album ?


Loving the new track.
I do hope one day The Antlers return though. The year Burst Apart came out I saw them five or six times, always such wonderful gigs.


Can’t wait for this. Probably my fave active band. :heart::heart::heart:


*ABOUT etc.


Excited for this, the two introductory tracks are lovely. Karuna especially, can’t stop playing it.

Sad to hear about his hearing issue, if this is the end of The Antkers (even if it’s it’s just playing large gigs) it’s a terrific shame.


how do the new tracks compare to The Antlers stuff?

I’m still hoping to get something along the lines of Hospice and/or In the Attic of the Universe again.


New York, in particular, sounds like something from Familiars, I’m afraid.

Karuna resembles Jeff Buckley most, to be honest.


Some UK dates in April appearing:

19th Leeds - Headrow House
20th Glasgow - The Glad Cafe
21st Dublin - Unitarian Church

  • and 18th London - St John, Bethnal Green


his name really fits the type of music he makes


Peter ?


I think he released the three best tracks first (Karuna, New York and Ahimsa) but it’s still a lovely piece of work overall. More like an EP than an album

Considering driving a 4 hour round trip to see him in Leeds