Peter stringfellow (dead)

@anon29812515 might have to change his London plans

One of those happy coincidences that always made me smile, the fact that he ran clubs with the same name as him.



stringfellows > stringfellows > stringfellows > stringfellows > stringfellows


Just wanna run to u. Really can’t believe this. @


didnt his club in. the 70s do gigs for Jimi Hendrix and people

I love how he says “in my club Stringfellows” as if we would infer any other club as his.


The Sun staying classy with this headline

What was Peter Stringfellow’s cause of death, how old was he and what type of cancer did he have?


Also, his youngest kid was only born in 2015 :frowning:

Sweet, sweet SEO juice.

I met him once when he came to speak at the Cambridge Union to debate the topic “Gentlemen prefer Blondes” (he was on the opposing side, with the argument that gentlemen will like anything they can get).

Also I highly recommend his Celebrity Come Dine With Me Run, when he served olive oil ice cream and his sink collapsed.


he was on Through the Keyhole (I know) and his house was gloriously tacky

I know we live in the age where people are famous for absolutely nothing, but i’m not sure that’s any worse or much different to a man being literally being one of Britain’s most recognisable people for owning a stripclub. Weird as fuck.

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A guy I work with used to work as a manager at Stringfellow’s back in the 80s.

Told the story of how Peter Stringfellow installed monogrammed ‘bullet proof’ glass doors at the front of the club that cost an absolute fortune. On the first night, Stringfellow was showing off, gave the doors a kick to show how tough they were and they shattered into pieces like a car windscreen.


Maybe it’s too soon to say anything - but I doubt anyone on here owns any Peter Stringfellow records so I guess it’s ok.

In the 90s he made a big noise about having a 16 year old, page 3 girl girlfriend. I did some work experience on a chat show where he was a guest - he brought her along and her mum was there too. Creepy and weird

That’s the guy!

I always thought Stringfellows would be great name for a brand of french fries.


In the late 90s there used to be a bar on Oldham Street in Manchester, roughly opposite Night & Day, called Idols. Like a Hooters-type place. Bar staff in bra and knickers, topless on Saturday nights. There used to be a guy in there, always sat at the far end of the bar, who pretended he was Peter Stringfellow, same hair and everything, wore light-coloured suits without a shirt or socks, even called himself Peter. Weird, but because of the sort of Loaded culture of the day it seemed quite normal. We’d have been 14/15 and it didn’t seem at all out of the ordinary to be out on the weekend in a stripbar boozing. Apologies if this reads like a MerePseudeBallbag post, just seems odd to me that sort of culture was 15-20 years ago and not 40-50 years ago. Grim as fuck. In hindsight, the 90s were really strange.

Too late:

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Peter Stringfellow S.T.R.I.P.

(Nicked from Twitter, but made me smile)

I seem to recall an episode of Have I Got News For You where he was on one side and Nigella Lawson was on the other. Nigella was on tremendous form and coolly did him on a number of occasions. Great telly. RIP.