How’s the fuel crisis going on round your way then?

All our local facebook groups have descended into just asking where there’s petrol. We put off a trip out to Tidemills yesterday and took the train to Lewes instead, and I’m not going to be in the office on Wednesday like I normally am.

Have you queued for hours? Have you witnessed any petrol station forecourt argy bargy? Are you a smug non driver?

Got about 100 miles left in the car. All the petrol stations around town are drained

No direct impact, I don’t drive.

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Saw this


Got a quarter tank and no plans to go anywhere so not too worried, not sure how local petrol stations are - my one issue was that trying to get may daughter to A&E on Friday evening probably took 30 mins longer that it should have because I got caught at two roundabouts that both had tailbacks because of people queuing for petrol.

Fucking swimming in the stuff, can’t give it away.


Black market that stuff


Our nextdoor neighbours have one of the big Teslas. If it gets desperate, we’re hijacking that.

I was stuck on the bus on Saturday because of a petrol station jam, I thought a car had broken down in an awkward place but it was just the petrol station. Had to get off and walk, it was an aggressive bunch too, non stop beeping

Some of our local petrol stations have imposed a £30 limit on people filling up. We’re basically back to rationing again aren’t we?

Didn’t have enough to get home from Wales on saturday so had to sit in a queue for half an hour to get my rationed £20 worth of diesel.

Staff on the forecourt trying the stop the road from being blocked, someone was “banned for life” by the manager for putting £50 in.
There’s definitely be some good forecourt fight footage this week


We’ve really fucked it haven’t we.


A few garages shouting on Facebook that they’re fine. Lol.

No queuing. Seen some in Edinburgh though.

Looked like Some folk were prettttty pissed yesterday mind.

Nope. I’m a smug driver.

Got about a quarter of a tank of petrol - fine for now, but I’m due to be driving to a wedding in Redhill at the weekend so I’ll need some then. Worst case scenario is that we get the train (sidenote - a three hour train journey should not cost soooo much more than a three hour car trip for a family of four. Ridiculous, but we all know that).

There was quite a queue going past the Tesco station this morning - could probably have joined it but I don’t need it til Thursday and I’m trying to follow guidance. Easy to see why people are panic-buying and it’s typical Tory gaslighting to be blaming them.

my mate has no petrol so I can’t go to Corby to watch Lord of The Rings :’(

Fuck all anywhere in Cambridge, AFAICT. Got 60 miles left. Just going to hole up for a couple of weeks an hope it blows over.

Remember the petrol shortages in the early 2000s. Not as good as that imo


Can’t say I’ve noticed tbh.

And where do you even start with politicians posting stuff like this:

Is it ignorance? Is it deliberate lies because they know they can get away with it? Is it provocation just to get a few clicks and wind up the lefties?