Pets in the office



A thread to celebrate those rare and wonderful occasions when pets visit offices.

Got this wee lass in this week:


What a beaut!


Very commonplace in the north east.


we’ve only had one dog in the building, possibly two but I’ve only ever seen one. It was a black lab, I should’ve made the most of it.


(Dog in the office is a perfect time to use btw)


Pet profile:

Name: Holly
Pet type: Dog
Breed: Border collie
Age: approx. 11
Length of stay: 1 week
Reason for visit: Colleague looking after his brothers dog whilst he (brother) is on holiday.
Has this pet visited the office before: Yes
Office disruption level: 3/10
Fun rating: 8/10


absolute ATD.


my boss brings his 2 dogs in every day

they’re only interested in food


I would take a pay cut to work in pet friendly office. She looks great!




Charlie is in quite a lot. He’s a superb dog.








He’s really scrutinising that spreadsheet.


That’s probably because he’s in the kitchen


That’s what he wants you to think. Lazy bugger’s on Facebark all day.