Petscop (a fake computer game walkthrough as a web creep-out thing)

It’s hard to describe this so really, if you have the time you’re maybe best off watching some of the footage. But at its heart this is a sort of online spooky ghost story thing where someone has created a completely fake 1997 Sony PS game and built up a narrative: They claim they found it in a second hand store with an obscure message and have uploaded a YouTube of them playing it to convince someone that it’s real.

Towards the end they hit a cheat code and sort of enter an underthing type of situation.

Those are the first two but there are about 13 under the account or something. Apparently there are references to

which is fairly grim as reading goes.

This long video exhaustively analyses at least the first two parts

I’ll be honest I haven’t watched even all of these but the rest of you aren’t nearly as easily bored as me.

are you okay theo


Just about.

Honestly this is quite interesting and clever and has obviously taken a great deal of time, but I’m not great at sitting through tonnes of YouTube videos.

This is also odd:

May interest @AQOS

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I started keeping an eye on Petscop around the fourth video, when Kotaku publish their first article.
It is very creepy and very weird, but the infrequent uploads have made my interest fade. I wonder if any conclusion or explanation will ever come.

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Reminds me of Sad Satan that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago. Essentially someone claimed to find a creepy game hidden in the deep web that flashed loads of creepy images, Saville and Thatcher and had children screaming in it. Here’s a good Kotaku article on it:

But this is the same petscop that everyone was talking about last year, no? Surprised people are still talking about it in 2018


But not on here and if it’s not mentioned on here did it really happen?

Love this kind of stuff. This Majora’s Mask one is great


My mate back in Wales showed me this last time I went down I loooooooooved it (though I was really stoned).
Love shit like this, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, etc. Shows how to use the internet’s episodic video structure just as its own medium really well.

@1101010 just started the first video and am getting a lot of feels from that PS1 power up music :grinning:


I loved this so much. I’m always interested in this kind of stuff, too.

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I might fux with this when im bored

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is worth

It’s piqued my interest enough to get on Know Your Meme shudder


Like let’s be honest a piece of horror storytelling/artwork being shown through the medium of an entirely manufactured, fictional videogame and produced in instalments on a public online video platform - it’s just so weird to see what the world has become.

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So ruddy bloody meta.

Three new ones were upped today, btw. If any of you stopped following it a while ago, it’s gotten really weird. Haven’t watched the new ones yet, but it genuinely has that Twin Peaks I’m-so-glad-someone’s-making-something-like-this feel to it for me.

Considering it’s on the Internet, where you can pretty much make anything you want in a sense, that’s an achievement.

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