Petty complaints about things you otherwise like


I like my car but I can never get the windscreen wipers to work an appropriate rate for the conditions. It’s always slightly off one way or the other.

I :heart:️ my Big Muff, but it mildly irks me that it needs a battery and can’t be supplied by the mains.


My wipers bug me - they only go smoothly and quietly on the fastest setting, on the slower setting they sound like they’re really dry or something.


• Cable length: 50 cm/20”
• 2.1 mm barrel plug - 9V battery clip
• To connect pedal with 9V battery operation to a power supply


Yeah I know but it’s also reverse polarity so then I need an inverter too and bleurgh.


Of all the seemingly pointless bits of equipment on a car, I do miss the auto wipers my old motor had. They always seemed to confuse drizzle with torrential rain, but were spot on in proper rain - sped up when you went past a lorry on the motorway to deal with the spray and all that. Having to twist the collar to an arbitrary setting that’s never quite right for the conditions just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Other minor car irks:
If the front wipers are on, the rear wiper comes on automatically when I put it in reverse. This can’t be turned off.
It doesn’t tell you what speed you’ve got the cruise control set at - For example, set it at a definite 60, and then increase it to 65 rather than setting it at ‘60ish’ and then holding increase until its at 65’ish’…

Non car:
I love cooking but washing up is a right ballache.


On my car the wingmirrors automatically point downwards a bit when you put it into reverse so that you can better see your wheel arch/back corner for parallel parking. It’s really helpful, but it only does it on one side (the side you have your mirror-mover selected to). Normally I have it selected to left but it’s always annoying when wanting it on the other side to remember to switch it over. Feels like a great idea but poorly executed.


Does it not do both if you have the mirror selector central?


My diamond shoes are too tight.


Have they removed the mains adapter thing now? That’s fucking shit. Although sorting out the pin plug type for those was also irritating.


It’s the Russian re-issue one that I’ve had for years. No idea what they’re doing with newer/current/other models.


Oh the green one? Right. Yeah the standard silver with black and red always ran off mains but took the “pointy” end plug like headphones, not the coaxial round plug like Boss ones do.


None of yer creamy US Muffs for me, ta.

That does sound annoying. Bloody EHX.


I recall in the old day that battery adaptors used to come with a fake 9V battery end to get around this.


Nope it’s just which ever side you have selected. Wish it could do both simultaneously so you don’t have to fiddle around when trying to parallel park on a busy road.


Helpfully, this one is wired in reverse polarity too, so you need to be careful with stuff like that or modding in your own.

Funnily enough the modded ones go for £60 on eBay, whereas the original ones go for about £190. Incredible scenes - got mine for £15 when they were everywhere.