Petty grudges

Got any petty grudges on the go at the moment?

The receptionist downstairs alternates every day, and recently one of them spoke to me in a tone that made me feel small and insignificant and because of this I no longer wish him “good morning!”, like I do with every other receptionist in the morning. I hope he apologises soon but I won’t hold my breath.


Thinking of boycotting a professional event that I go to every year and is really useful for CPD hours because this year it’s being run by somebody who’s been patronising to me a few times and keeps introducing themselves to me even though we’ve met six or seven times now.


Go, reap the benefit, but make sure you engage that person in conversation a few times and either mispronounce their name or ask who they are each time.


This option is out unfortunately, would be doing a racism.

Oh balls, okay, scratch that!

Our Communications Executive (not a proper job, by the way) keeps trying to talk to me whilst he has his earphones in, so I keep mouthing my reply inaudibly. Going to keep doing so until he stops being such a rude bastard.


This is good

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I get confused when you use the word “tone” in posts about your workplace.

Sure you were a lot more competent than this bloke is and full value for the job title :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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some days I just despise everybody


What was your friend’s reasoning for this?

classic communications executive behaviour

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I won’t forget this treachery.

I’m more into slagging off people behind their backs.

(the epimer’s a nob private group is almost at bursting point now!)


There was a (very dozey) wasp in my kitchen last night. In December!

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i dislike someone in my friend group and have done for years, but I don’t think my reasons are petty. I’ll follow through with this dislike in petty ways though - like not wishing him happy birthday on the whataspp group, and saying i’ll go to his parties but not showing up.


Do you think he dislikes you back ? Or is it pure 1 way hate ?