Petty grudges

What are you reasons?

I don’t see any reason for him to dislike me other than the fact that i’m basically like this to him a lot:


I’d forgotten about Brad Pitt on friends

Edit in friends

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it basically started when he said some very racist things when we were 17. he supposedly recanted but its pretty much snowballed from there, personally speaking.

once a racist, always a prick, or something like that

Useless Rick from buying used my mug when I was on holiday. I’m a reasonable man but I’m going to make orphans of his children.


pressed the button at the lights, a woman joined me at the crossing, waited all of 3 seconds then asked incredulously “have you EVEN pressed the button?!”

this was about a year ago and I think about it every day. I hate this woman, with all my life. I will never let this go.


Geese are fine you royalist swan apologist!

imagining this as a series, like Ross Kemp on Gangs


Our daughter’s school has a gate operated by a buzzer (pretty sure this is quite normal). At the end of the day, parents for her class wait outside the gate, and the office open it at about 3:00 to let us in to get her. They do it every day, it’s part of their job. Nevertheless, at least one uppity jackass will always press the buzzer button. There’s one particular parent who doesn’t just press the button, but will do it repeatedly, and irately kick at the gate if it goes even a couple of seconds over 3:00. Satan.

Needless to say, I am currently building a up a VERY petty grudge against them.

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You monster…


In keeping with the spirit of this thread…



Bees are collective workers for the greater good, wasps are single-minded bastards who like inflicting pain on others. I can’t go along with your reasoning, sorry.

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As you are all aware, I am a very reasonable man, only ever driven to grudges through the most unreasonable of behaviour.
Summerhouse neighbour has installed a security camera very high up, just below the edge of his roof. One of the toilets upstairs (that does have an opaque window etc) is definitely in its eyeline so If I open the window I will be on his pervert cam.
Also means that when I pass down the side of my house, he has it on camera. Just feels…weird/thoughtless. Wife is like “oh, free security camera!”

  • oh jesus christ not this AGAIN
  • Why is your neighbour such a genuinely awful, thoughtless freak?

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Pretty sure I picked goose as our Christmas bird because subconsciously I hate those hissing, honky little twats. Can’t wait to chew down on that on Christmas day, quietly chuckling to myself at the table.

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I had a petty grudge against a manager at my last place, as when I came out of the cubicle after having a doze in the toilet he said jokingly ‘been having a sleep Rony?’ I panicked and said ‘No!’ in an overly defensive manner. He crossed the wrong man

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My mums next door neighbour had an ongoing grudge and they said to her “say goodbye to the Christmas cards” and threw the spare key at her.

This year they’ve sent her a Christmas card. Lol.
I’m not letting the grudge die. They’re the ones who have been pricks. In fact I might escalate it now that they’re weak. I kicked their fence a few years ago.

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This is true. Perhaps the lives of insects do not map directly onto the human political spectrum

Jordan Peterson will NOT be happy with this line of argument…


I like that fact they still sent a Christmas card. Do you think they went in side after the outburst and said to themselves ‘no not the Christmas cards that was too far’


Toby :angry: