Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


…or been dumped for.

Inspired by the sound of music thread.

I once bailed halfway through a second date because the guy had the temerity to ask whether I’d ever heard of a book called The Hobbit. (Not because I hate Tolkien but because of the assumption that I might not have heard of one of the most widely read books in the world)

On the receiving end, I once asked a guy during a first date if he wanted to get a third drink and he said he had ironing to get back to :cry:

Share your funny stories please (keep it light obvs)


For being too posh


Did you not know this before you went out with them? And how were they too posh?




I did. Just sort of grated after a couple of months.

They were nice enough, I guess.


Should probably say that I didn’t bail on the date because she hadn’t heard of the sound of music


Haha, yes.

When I asked a guy why he wanted to split up he looked down at my socks and said “you wear odd socks”






I don’t accept the concept of odd socks, if they are both socks it is a match in my book


For being an undesirable dating prospect


Ended up seeing someone for three years right after that who was related to the Norwegian royal family though, which makes it extra petty.


As in, different ones on each foot or strange ones?


I once got, “Well, I have some food shopping that I better get around to.” It was less than five minutes into the date.


5 minutes :worried:. At least they didn’t waste your time.


A different sock on each foot. They were probably pretty weird too to be fair.


Yeah I got off easy on that one. My favorite five minute one was meeting at a bar - she ordered two drinks within two minutes, drank them both immediately, ordered two more and walked to the bathroom, came back and chugged the two new drinks, and then said to me, “look, just…no” and walked out without another word and without paying the bill. It was impressive.


Wow, what an absolute cow. Women who expect men to pay are just the worst.


wtf. not wanting to have the date is one thing but leaving you with a bill for 4 drinks is proper shitty


I once got dumped in what I thought was a serious relationship for not having enough furniture and for not having done enough heroin (namely, no heroin ever).