Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


I feel like you’ve got a lot more to contribute to this thread, please carry on.


Fair play to the lass


was it a case of “at least if you did loads of heroin i could understand the lack of furniture”?


OMG, I can be like that work. I go into condescending mode when I have to explain technical concepts in simple language to management, idiot colleagues and over paid contractors who are “experts” in my field. I do worry if I’m like that outside of work.


This could be a scene from Fleabag.


Haha, before I thankfully met my wife and all became right in the world, I was basically on a non-stop Okcupid and Plentyoffish horror tour. There were times where I was going on 8 first dates a week. Most things didn’t progress because I’m very introverted, but there were some funny moments and some really dark ones.

Probably too dark for this thread, but think along the lines of “why did my serious girlfriend just disappear on me for a month and resurface only to officially dump me while speaking in a different dialect” levels.






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Oh I see. Ta


It was more like, “I want someone more fun (aka willing to tempt me back into my former secret heroin habit) who I can also publicly show off to my very sophisticated friends.”

(Another reason cited in the breakup was that my volunteering at the animal shelter wasn’t as impressive to her friends as she originally thought it would be.)

I am so, so thankful for my wife.


Aye I’d have divorced you for dating heroin addicts


It was news to me! The things you learn about people during breakups.


early Beatles lyrics were a bit less romantic


I once got dumped for not being the type of person who goes out to brunch. Her first message to me was about how she hates going out to brunch.


think i would honestly struggle to date someone who didn’t care about breakfast or food in general


Because Simon from Biffy Clyro had a tattoo of their lyrics on his chest


After I’d been seeing this guy for two months he told me I probably knew everything there was to know about him. Decided there wasn’t much point after that.


seems really common in Norway for people to know the royal family/prime minster though. know like three people who have worked for one of them.


They talked too much in the morning. Shame really, as I quite liked them otherwise.