Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


Don’t think i could ever dump someone, would just feel too bad.


sometimes it’s the nicer thing to do


Yeah probably, it’s amazing what I will do to avoid confrontation though!


This thread is making me feel better about the extreme likelihood of my continued PROFOUND LONELINESS. keep it coming


She called chorizo “chizoro”


And how would you pronounce chorizo, paisan?






Have literally dumped/rejected people for liking me too much


Not petty but I thought I was about to be dumped on msn messenger so quickly dumped first. I was actually just being asked when we’ll see each other again. crosssed lines.
She seemed to hate me for about 10 years after that, on the odd times I’d see her. She was quite nice. House smelled like manure (y) (that’s a good thing)


About five years ago I bought this garden gnome from a charity shop- he was sat in the window for weeks, half finished and one day I thought “enough is enough” and bought him. He lived very happily on my kitchen windowsill and I grew very attatched to him. In summer I’d pop some sunglasses on him, in winter a tiny scarf that my step mum knitted him. He was there for for a while and I grew very attatched. That gnome was a constant in my life and I really did love him. So I bought some proper paint pots and had big plans to finally doll this gnome up to his full potential. But the day before I had a chance, my boyfriend at the time (who didn’t live with me, he just had a key and slept at mine) made the mistake of using my place to cheat on me. My bed! My flat! And I think he realised I’d sussed him out because he offered to make me some cheese on toast. Obviously I said yes because I’m nothing if not greedy but I said “‘mate wipe down the grill” and he ignored me, so when I went to take it out the toast it was limply lead on a grubby grill so I frisbeed it on the floor in a moment of PURE ANGER and in retaliation he smashed my gnome against the floor.
So I broke up with someone because he broke my gnome.


Oh wow, I’m sorry! Cheating itself is the absolute worst in any form, but this is kind of the shittiest thing ever, and then to break your gnome on top of it. People are wonderful.


this has made me a bit sad

RIP gnome


This is amazing. Good work, kw!


My wife has left me. 20 years down the drain. Feeling pretty low to be honest.


Oh I didn’t mean to make anyone sad- just thought it was funny that my relationship came to an end over a gnome! Makes me laugh now


have you replaced the gnome?


I haven’t :frowning: he was special


So many DiS hearts broken so quickly :wink:


Hey, Woah. Shit…

Sorry Richie :grimacing::slightly_frowning_face: