Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


Really sorry to hear that man. Feel free to vent…


I feel bad for few you - but wow. This woman has balls


Can’t believe more people aren’t outraged about this tbh.


oh it’s outrageous alright - that just adds to it


She was a bit too emo and she had a boyfriend :grimacing:


Oh man that is so shitty. Feel free to DM me if you want to chat to someone who has been there


she thought pakora was “too spicy”


Oh God, I’m so sorry. I hope you have some real life support right now. We are here for you as your online friends x


Surprised this hasn’t come up: pre-emptive dumping. There was definitely a culture of this when I was in the sixth form.

I once dumped a girl because there was a rumour that she was thinking of dumping me.



Just remembered one - my best friend not me (honest). When he was 17 he had a car, and also had a girlfriend. They drove in his car to go to the cinema every weekend.

His car then broke down/ was scrapped or whatever and was not replaced. She almost immediately dumped him for someone else who did have a working car


TOO emo? Ffs, gonna have to rethink my whole brand now
(I hope it wasn’t too painful of course. But you’re happily married now right?)


Ha ha she was pretty full on, intimidatingly so at times. It was a very breezy thing so not too many strings attached but enough for her to slap me in the face on a dancefloor. The next girl I went out with is now my wife so it was for the best :grinning:


Crikey, I’m sorry she slapped you in the face! That’s pretty… full on
‘Eeeeey glad it all worked out in the end though :blush:


Don’t cry for me kermworms, on balance I definitely, definitely deserved it :grimacing:


Can I ask how you sussed him out and how you didn’t say anything until the gnome incident? :laughing:


Haha I was about to edit my post with deep sympathies and say it sounds like something out of an arctic monkeys music video. Ya live ya learn :slight_smile:


‘Lloyd Webber, you’ve done it again’


Haha of course! I found loads of long blonde hair in my bed and shower (I’ve had every colour hair except blonde), but because of my cripplingly low self esteem back then I thought “oh it’s my fault he’s done that, must be a better girlfriend.” Horrendous in hindsight but a great learning curve :slight_smile:
(Also hello again! Still addicted to those coffee drinks you recommended, to the point I make special trips to Sainsbury’s and the staff recognise me. Hope you’re well meow you good egg you!)


Can you give us this guys address please so we can throw rotten eggs at his house?