Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


and face


Aww shucks :blush:
It was good life experience though and I’m glad I had it as a little tadpole rather than the sassy frog I am now. He’s alright really, just a bit of an arse who likes to stick it wherever. AND I got a funny story about gnomes. Winner winner


Hope you’re doing ok Richie x


I have dumped 1 person in my life and amongst other things, really at its core it was for being too rigidly religious. May be considered a bit petty in the grand scheme of things.


Went out for someone for nearly two years who was so Catholic that she didn’t believe in pre-marital sex. But apparently oral doesn’t count.



refrains from off colour communion joke


I work with a woman in her 30s who for religious reasons doesn’t believe in any physical contact at all with a man before marriage. Makes me feel very sad.


Men are awful anyway, there’s an obvious loophole here for her to exploit that religions have historically been very, very tolerant of.


Oh my word! I’d have probably thrown the gnome at him. The gall of this guy to do it in your flat too. I’m glad you’ve learned from it!

AHH theres a new one out by Alpro Soya which is SO NICE. The hazelnut one is the nuts. Salted caramel not so good :frowning:

p.s. WE MISSED U x



Honestly, it was my own fault for attempting to use plenty of fish in the first place.


It is the worst - although I did get a 3 year relationship with someone lovely out of it, so there were some good ones on there too.

Don’t understand why anyone is still on it in the age of Tinder and it’s imitators though


If it’s a consolation (it isn’t) you just made me feel better about one of my coffee dates: she’d barely sat down, and hadn’t even ordered coffee, before she called it off. Not sure what I’d managed to do in that time to turn her off… (pretty much the next date was with my current tv and we’ve been together 13 years, so…)


There’s a recurring joke on Catfish that like half of their episodes come from PoF.


yeesh. think in that situation you kind of have to think that those people just aren’t ready to be dating for whatever reason.


Thank you, that does make me feel better :slight_smile:

My working hypotheses were:

  1. I’m really ugly (but she’d seen my pics)
  2. She knew me from somewhere before (I’m partially faceblind, so its possible that I hadn’t recognised her - but again she would have seen my pics already)
  3. I’m fully boring and/or awkward (obligatory “well I do post on DiS”)

So I’ll take “she’s not ready to be dating” like a shot


Oh. My. God. :heart_eyes:

  1. would be pretty unthinkably awful. 2. fair enough but surely you’d at least say ‘i’m sorry, but i think we’ve met before and this is a bit awkward, it’s best if i go’ etc 3. same as no 1 really, at least stay for a bit and try to get to know someone before writing them off as not your cuppa/boring/whatever.

been on a few dates that at first i was like 'ah fuck, this is gonna be the most awkward night of my life but they’re never that bad.


It’s the continental way. The Italians wouldn’t dream of starting the day without a blow job…and…maybe a bit of anal…


Went on a first date with a girl and to be honest as soon as I saw her my first impression was ‘Nope’. But I saw the date through, bought her lunch, even went on a second date in case I’d misjudged her but it just wasn’t there and never was.

No need to be a dick about it though.