Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


m8 she was from Washington


Yeah, most times I haven’t “clicked” with someone we’ve usually been able to end the date on decent terms.

I have been ghosted and stuff before but that was generally after the date so :man_shrugging:


This happened to me once too. Usually I went straight to the date, but in this one case we talked for about a month ahead of time and I’d never experienced someone seeming so interested in me. My hopes were very high.

But when we got there, she took one look at me and I could see her face contort into an expression of pure disgust that never left and that she didn’t even bother trying to hide. She grumbled every sentence and kept saying, “Are you done your coffee yet?” After one too many of those I said “oh if you have to go, that’s totally fine.” Before I was even done the last word I got a quick, phony “Well nice to meet you” and she stormed off with an expression of sheer hatred.


wowsers, it’s rough out there.


Who are all these awful women?


Someone messaged me on OK Stupid but they’ve got Esperanto listed as one of their interests so I’m ignoring it. Does that count?


This has done me


We watched the film Billy Liar. He said it was boring.


Because I asked her if she minded if I went and watched Harry Hill live with some mates on our 6-month anniversary - she said it was fine. Genuinely said it was fine. Not even in a passive-agressive ‘yeah, fine, but actually you’re a physical embodiment of cunt-hood for doing this’ way.

A week later she was in an almight strop with me and this was why.

Couldn’t be doing with that shit, man. Not during A-Levels.


Also, six month anniversary, not a thing



I was in my first bf / gf situation and not having a clue how to deal with potential molehill mountains, I thought I’d best plan ahead.


You were absolutely right, just getting upset about missing a fictional anniversary is more unreasonable than missing an actual one.


I’d dump anyone who went to see Harry Hill too. :wink:


This one is somehow still on my facebook feed. She’s really into making alternating posts about buying the right candles for positivity and about how everyone in her life is toxic and no person or job is good enough.


A two+ year relationship for me almost ended because I stopped at Best Buy on the way home from work to buy Lullabies to Paralyze by Queens of the Stone Age. Stopping to buy a CD instead of immediately returning home meant that I didn’t really love her. There is nothing to the story that I am leaving out.


Clive gets unreasonably annoyed if I agree to DJ somewhere. Even if I am being paid a very generous three figure amount to do so. He got annoyed that I went drinking with colleagues - one of them was leaving - last Friday. He gets annoyed if I want to go to a gig with friends that he doesn’t want to go to. He gets annoyed that I think he’s wrong to turn off the TV in order to listen to the news on Radio 4 at 9pm. I could go on and on…



A girlfriend of mine about seven yearw wasn’t a morning person. She woke up really grumpy all the time and used to shout and have a go at me for the smallest of things. I sort of “accepted” that behaviour towards me but she’d make a total mess of my bathroom. Water everywhere. That I didn’t like and couldn’t stand for that. I kind of broke up with her mainly for the messy state she’d leave my bathroom in after her shower in the morning.



I’m annoyed my boyfriend doesn’t go out MORE.
Why you always indoors? Yes I know I’m always indoors but that’s not the point!