Petty reasons you’ve dumped someone


That’s not a good one


Jeez, alright, 50’s dad


Two pints of mild and a packet of crisps?


She sounds like a right twat.


That’s fair enough I think


I feel awful but I did once meet a guy I’d met online - a history teacher who seemed very intelligent and interesting. When we met I was sort of attracted to him but he was a bit big headed which put me off. A couple of drinks in and he told me he’d been on Take Me Out and had gone on holiday with the girl he chose, decided he didn’t like her and then contacted another girl off the show and got engaged to her and sold his story to any media outlet that would have it.

I guess it could be seen as petty but oh god he made me feel a bit sick.

Oh and another time I went back to wales and went on a night out, started talking to a guy and he told me he worked in an abattoir (I’ve been vegetarian all my life).


This is dumping not dates isn’t it.

Sorry I’m tired been a long day.


Nah, dumping/ditching, anything goes in this thread.

Although I think you were quite justified in your examples.


oh, for getting dreads :grimacing:


On a Sunday night?


oh you


Huh. I’ve worked in secondary schools for nearly two decades and I’ve yet to meet a history teacher even vaguely slick enough for this kind of thing. He must be a real outlier.


And clearly a real pillock too, should have made that clear


Do you mean you’re annoyed because you want to have the place to yourself sometimes or is this just a general thing about wanting him to go out more?


Place to myself more! Our weekend hobbies are roughy at the same time so we’re usually out and in at the same times

I love being alone


I have massive trouble with rejecting things with the potential to make me stable and happy… I should probably take this to the depression thread.


depends… are you after compassion & acceptance or do you want to be challenged and provoked into action?


Once broke up with someone because of what they made me for dinner – boiled lasagne sheets and a heated-up tin of unsesasoned chopped tomatoes. That was literally it.


Did you tell them the true reason?


my ex once cooked “the blandest meal ever made”

Penne pasta (no salt in the cooking water)

A white sauce with no apparent seasoning or cheese, and undercooked so all raw flourey

some spinach

It literally made me gag