👽🚀 pew pew let's have a sci-fi thread pew pew 👽🚀


Look to Windward is a lot better than I remembered and Excession is not as good as I remembered.

Bought the new Becky Chambers - record of a spaceborn few. Anyone read it yet?


ah right, I think I agree with you, in that I’m not really sure getting hung up on the extremely specific allegorical meaning is going to add a huge amount of enjoyment to reading it, but who knows


I have. It’s a funny one, I grew to like it more thinking about it afterwards than I did while I was reading it. The plot is low key to the point of non-existence, and it’s more like a kind of reportage account about everyday life in the Exodus Fleet. It’s a very quiet, very human story, full of compassion. It’s good.


Player Of Games is 99p on Kindle today if anyone’s looking to take a punt on Iain M Banks


Pew pew still one of my faves this


Just finished Banks’ Inversions, which I loved to pieces. Not really sci fi at all, other than guessing/knowing the likely backstory, which added to it. I zoomed through it.
Look To Windward is next


Look to Windward is so good, poignant as well as his usual humour, scope and ideas. “tonight you dance by the light of ancient mistakes”, wonderful stuff.


that is lovely :heart_eyes:


Read Ice after you fine folks’ recommendation and it was excellent, especially from a technical point of view - some brilliant lines, and so effortless for being so disjointed. Any other ‘slipstream’ novels that people would recommend?