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What @AcceptanceIII said! I’ve read the GoT books (before these thank goodness) and they pale by comparison, there is so much more depth in the Malazan universe.

A lot of people (me included) struggle initially as he doesn’t give you any exposition, you’re thrown into the deep end and left to work things out for yourself. This can make the first third/half of the first book tough going, but I would urge you to stick with it!

On second time round the first couple of books make so much more sense!

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just bought gardens of the moon on kindle! but dude there are loads of spin off books too outside the main collection, do they include important stuff for the main series?

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I’m currently two thirds of my way through Memories of Ice for the second time and they’re not pissing me off but they do drag on a bit!

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yes there are, I intend to read the rest of Erikson’s ones and then have a go at Esslemont’s eventually! The main series is stand alone, these are prequels and more stories about other characters.

I found this wiki invaluable, just be careful of spoilers.

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I’ve read four. Really enjoyed The Return of the Crimson Guard and a good amount of it has an impact on the Erikson main narrative. Stonewielder is pretty good. Didn’t really like Assail and one of the other ones I can’t remember the name of. His writing is pretty basic and the main character is a real boring dweeb but the imagination is just as impressive.
Dancer’s Lament might be good. If I see it in paperback in the library I’ll probably pick it up.

Have you read any of Glen Cook’s Black Company books? Meant to be a massive influence particularly with all The Bonehunter stuff - which is my favourite aspect of the books. I had a copy of the first one but lost it.

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I started the first one but found it really clunky like a sub par GRRM and packed it in pretty quickly. I might give it another go at some stage.

I’ve read the first Tales of Bauchelain & Korbal Broach which was quite light and amusing. I want to read Erikson’s Kharnadas trilogy next I think, by the time I get through to The Crippled God again he should have released the third book!

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I really enjoyed the Three Body Problem trilogy also, but not read any of his other books.
There’s a film of one of his short stories on Netflix at the moment, which I’ve been meaning to watch

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some of it’s a load of nonsense but i really liked it and didn’t think the prose was jarringly bad by sci fi standards

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anyone read ‘Blindsight’ by Peter Watts? If so thoughts?

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Some of the writing reminded me of murakami in its feel. I wonder if it’s partly an artefact of the translation process (aware that Japanese and Chinese are not the same!)

Started reading Rosewater instead. Immediately far less annoyed by the writing than The Three Body Problem.

Kharkanas is not going to be finished for the foreseeable as it wasn’t selling well. They do have quite a different style, and I found them hard going anyway. He does plan to finish the trilogy eventually.

He has instead moved on to the Karsa trilogy, which will be a sequel to the main series. Should be out next year.

Kharkanas, yes not Karnadas as I said who is destriant of the Grey Swords in Memories of Ice which I’m on my second run through of currently, so many names and places!

Karsa is one of my favourite characters so will definitely be checking that out.

It kinda stops being a novel 2/3 of the way in and just becomes pure exposition. Silly.

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Rosewater is gr8. still need to buy the second one

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Other ones I think you might like which haven’t been mentioned…
Ursula K le Guin - Earthsea probs
The Broken Earth Trilogy by NK Jemisin - starts with The Fifth Season, obviously
Almost anything by Guy Gavriel Kay although I particularly like Tigana and Under Heaven
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (not sure if you’d like this but I love it)
My top pick for you would be the Lankhmar series by Fritz Leiber. The Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stuff. Loads of short stories, great fun from what I’ve read. Well worth seeking out.

GGK is fantastic, maybe my favourite fantasy writer. His stock in trade is variations on medieval / Renaissance history, set in worlds that are just different enough to our own that he can get away with taking a very fast and loose approach to historical accuracy. If you want dragons and prophecies and epic quests then he’s not your man, but he produces wonderfully detailed worlds and fills them with very well drawn characters. My own favourites are The Lions Of Al-Rassan, set in an a analogue of Moorish Spain, and the Sarantium duology, which is his take on Byzantium. The only ones to avoid as far as I’m concerned are the Fionavar books (his first published works, bit too derivative of classic portal fantasy for me) and the YA book Ysabel, which is decent enough but relies on a tie in back to the Fionavar ones. Everything else is great.

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tucking into malazan, only on page 40 and i’ve had to check the wiki a couple of times already wtf. quite like how bleak and violent it all is tho, very much my kind of thing.


Just finished the dispossessed - that’s a cracking book, though it’s probably not very sci-fi by today’s standards