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Watched Volition the other day, Canadian time travel flick. Was pretty good. The thing with all time travel films is that both they and you have to set tolerances for just how sensible you want it to be vs how entertaining it is as a yarn. Eg Looper (makes no sense but fun) vs Primer (really tries hard to make it all make sense yet less fun). Volition hits a nice mix - the time travel bits are set up early in the film and just about hang together at the end. Would recommend :+1:



Have you seen Frequency? I quite like the ‘fuck the sensible’ aspect but the ending really goes OTT there. On the commentary the writer says he had an ending that was more logical but the test audience loved the one they had so they just kept it. But he never explained what his better ending was, which was a bit frustrating.

Anyway, I like Frequency a lot.

I have seen Frequency waaaaaay back in the day and remember how the ending plays out. Entertaining and silly! I think my favourite time travel remains the end of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey where they [spoilers in case anyone has spent the past 30 years living in a cave, on Mars, with their eyes closed, and their fingers in their ears) defeat Joss Ackland’s bad guy by remembering when everything is done to come back and set everything up :rofl:

Ha, excellent. I actually haven’t seen it in at least two decades.

I think probably BTTF Pt II is still my favourite, just love how it’s built up into the already clever stuff in the first film for the 1950s bit.

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I remember going to the cinema to see BTTF II and people hating it. It is indeed great :+1:

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Definitely divided opinion. I think mainly the film reviewers hated it but the public were pretty much on board?

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Watched this tonight and enjoyed it. Think your review is pretty much spot on, cheers for the recommendation

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It’s back :smiley:
I’m very excited.


Looks like classic Nic Cage incoming…


A few beers, maybe a smoke and I’m all in :smiley:

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Grillo! :heart_eyes:

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It’s the last Wayfarers book apparently. But don’t be too sad, because…

…she has the first in a new series out in March!

(160 pages, so not an epic, but I’m guessing that is just about out of novella and into short novel territory, unless the print’s enormous)

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