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quite a while since I read it now but wasn’t it the case that life on Earth was basically over and there was nothing for them to return to?

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Brushing up on geomagnetic storms now haha, seems a really bad one would cause trillions of dollars of damage to power grids and massive blackouts and that, so can see why they might sack Earth off but didn’t seem very sporting to me, like you’ve had fun with your cool aliens, but the show’s over folks, back to Earth now.

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Bought my daughter the My Little Pony x Transformers comic from IDW as she loves the former and enjoyed Bumblebee.

Top dad-joking I think you’ll agree:


So it’s film night tonight and I’m looking for a recommendation for something sci fi to watch with my eldest.


  • recent successes: Arrival, Moon, Annihilation

  • Preferably not too ‘old’.

  • Visually interesting (they do Film Studies and are very into deconstructing visual motifs and all that) but…

  • Not too slow or ‘boring’ (although they’re tolerating slower films more than they used to so maybe not too much of an issue)

Any thoughts welcome!

BR 2049? Helps if you have seen the first, but I only recently watched this and was taken with how just beautiful it is. Some of the scenes look like staged photos with the angles etc.

Looper from a while ago. However, as it involves a lot of shooting people dead, may be a little old. Quite interesting idea though. And quite good looking if I remember correctly.

5th Element? Looks interesting in a day glo manner and not too adult I don’t think. Campy fun.




They liked 80% of that and then just thought the ending was stupid. I suggested they just ‘go with it’ but… it was only a qualified success.

I tend to agree but the good 80% is really good.



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both a bit more ‘action’ than your recent successes, but how about Source Code (from the director of Moon) or Edge Of Tomorrow (yes Tom Cruise, but it’s great, honest, plus Bill Paxton is in it)?

2001 would fail the old and slow test, but absolutely walk it in the visually interesting department?

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The ending is stupid. It had been great up till then, but the last act completely killed it for me.


Both good shouts thanks! I showed 2001 to them way too early so they think it’s boring cos their 10yo self couldn’t enjoy it.

It’s also very straight/white/male which is a big turn off for them (they loved the female/queer casting in Annihilation).


This sounds like it might fit the bill perfectly

I should add that I’ve not seen it. Been meaning to for ages. Think it’s leaving Netflix soon so might watch it tonight

Never heard of this! Looks like it ticks the boxes though :slight_smile: thanks!

I love both of these.

Duncan Jones also did Mute which looks intriguing and the Warhammer film which I have no interest in at all.

Warcraft. Very different :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, thanks. Yes. That one!

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No worries.
Just watched it, it’s really good!
It is quite slow to begin but is compelling nevertheless and the last act BANGS (in an understated and cool way)
Great visuals too

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Well Edge of Tomorrow does prominently co-star Emily Blunt. Nit sure why @maggieloveshopey failed to mention that!

Love Dune, but it is most certainly not science fiction.