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The joy of Kindle is no waits!

But yeah, as I probably mentioned before, I actually re read the first book immediately anyway before buying the second, because of how much I’d missed in the first half before I understood the world and the factions, so as to interpret it all correctly.

I’m reading the first one just now and it’s kind of a relief to hear that. I’m really enjoying it so far but figured they were just introducing the characters before things went bleak and actiony like most space stuff I’ve read.

I’ve just finished Too Like The Lightning and absolutely loved it, thank you!

There’s obviously a lot to take in, and it’s kind of a bit confusing, but there are just lots of developments and twists and turns that you sort of go with it. Plus the writing and characters are great, with a couple of shocking and surprising bits in it too.

Will be starting the second book tomorrow. Just had a look and seen that book 4 is out in October. Maybe I’ll wait a while and read book 3 just before it comes out, and then make a rare hardcover purchase for number 4!

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Aaaaaah just finished up the Red Rising series (Had previously read the first 4 but had to do a reread to get into the 5th). I fell in love with it all over again. I’ve recommended the books to 3 other people who have all enjoyed it too. Anyone here read them?

I’d definitely say that if you re-read the opening chapters now you’ll get a whole new thing from them now you understand the world and its rules. That chart you are given about the factions is really interesting to come back to as well.

I dug out a comment I made on another forum after finishing this and before reading Seven Surrenders so that I am sure it isn’t going to accidentally include spoilers for the second book!

I did feel there was one bum note for me in this book, something that implied maybe a certain conservatism of the author: I didn’t like how she implied that a world without gender pronouns or gender expectation would somehow be ‘sexless’. The idea that all clothes would be uniform and unexciting seemed odd, as did the idea that people (men? hard to know) would be so open to being sexually manipulated. Maybe book 2 will clear up some of that, because a number of aspects aren’t really pinned down here around Mycroft’s decision to write in an 18th Century style while and his decision to force genders upon characters and then confusingly allude to them maybe being another gender.

I mean that’s obviously before we consider that there’s a lot of gender as a continuum stuff out there right now IIRC so really it should be more fluid than implied, IMO.

Interestingly I see the author was asked about the gender thing and gives her answer here:

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Don’t know them. Initially misread that as ‘Red Riding’ and was thinking ‘fell in love with’ was a pretty dark response them! :smiley:

I’ll not put them on the list right now as I’m trying to clear through it, but I’m sure they’ll come up again in the future and I’ll remember they were rec’d

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Nearly 200 pages into Leviathan Wakes.

Am I supposed to like Miller? He’s a dickhead

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Not for a long time (at least not in the show ha)

He’s an arse but he grows on you.


I’ve just finished Seven Surrenders now. It’s maybe a little bit less amazing than the first book, but I still really enjoyed it, and it somehow seemed to tie most things up together.

I’ve got the third book already, but I’m half thinking I should not start it until the fourth book is out and in my possession. I assume that this might be the better gap to have between the books, instead of between 3 and 4?

I think I had a few similar niggles with the gender thing also. Especially the describing genders according to their roles or what we might expect of them (especially his description of the Sensayer Carlyle’s gender changing a couple of times), although I guess it’s all from Mycroft’s point of view, so subject to his own biases. Although I found it a bit strange referring to Sniper as ‘it’ once we found out they has both genitals - would have thought continuing the They word would have been fine!

Speaking of Sniper, I was a bit confused as there was one chapter with them describing what happened when they were captured. And I think the story was told a few months later. But at the end of the book, Sniper is still separate and not in communication with Mycroft when he sums everything up a few months later. Maybe I need to go back to the chapter again to double check.

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Yeah the feeling of some resolution at this point and the lack of book 4 is exactly why I have only read these two!

I looked up my Goodreads review and I was very positive but I think overall I did worry that there was a shift in focus of style that made me wary of the third book being a step down.

Certainly I’d agree with what you’re saying about it.