👽🚀 pew pew let's have a sci-fi thread pew pew 👽🚀

Just finished Provenance by Ann Leckie. It was alright, but it dragged a bit in the middle.

Finished The Ferryman by Justin Cronin this morning. Possibly the best novel I’ve read this year, only started it Friday, couldn’t put it down!

I got it for 99p on kindle last week but unfortunately it’s back up to full price now.


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My daughter’s read the third book and said it was borderline incomprehensible (having really enjoyed the first two, as we both did). It takes me about a month or so to get through a book at bedtimes, should I read the third of head for Cibola Burn (they’re both on the bookshelf)?

The third book is very weird. There’s a huge narative jump that doesn’t explain itself for 100 pages and my wife and I have different ideas about what acually happened at the end of the book, but I thought it was great. I did get frustrated with it in places though.

But I’ll always cheer on the Expanse.

So in short…

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That is precisely what I needed. I think I’ll read Michael Crichton’s “Sphere” instead!

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If you really liked the first 2 you should give 3 a go at least.

I will, not related to sci-fi (should take it to the fantasy thread? is there one?) but just finished reading the end of Joe Abercrombie’s Age of Madness trilogy. Excellent throughout.

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Just finished Doors Of Eden.

I’ve been reading some weird fiction and/or slow fiction, and fancied a nice fast-paced action book for a change, and I was pretty hooked for the first 20% or so of this book. But I kind of lost interest as it went on - it just seemed a bit of a mess, and the characters just seemed to become a bit more two dimensional or less interesting. And the main ‘bad guy’ was a complete annoyance.

I’ve still got the Children Of Time trilogy to start at some point, and I have higher hopes that I’ll like them, but might just go back to my weird/slow fiction next!

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I don’t know that many of the books in this bundle, but $5 for the first 4 / $20 for all 10 looks like it could be worth a punt: The 2024 Best of British SFF Bundle

Vurt (the only one I have read) is one of my all-time favourites.

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Discounting the anthology, Stark Holborn I have never heard of and Jeff Noon the only other one I haven’t read. A few of them are decentish, but Tchaikovsky is the only one I like really and that I still read. I do read a ongoing free short story series by Lavie Tidhar about a travelling vampire judge called Judge Dee, but it is only passable really (i.e. I probably wouldn’t buy it).