PGA Championship thread

For anyone that cares, this has started, and there’s live coverage on the BBC from 6pm!

Oh nice totally forgot about this.
I mean it’s by a mile the shittest major but still.
Rory for the win

Massive snob alert here but golf on red button isn’t in HD. Fuck off Beeb!!

Big fan of the name ‘D.a. points’

Rory looking good at the moment.

Tough greens!!!

Heavy emphasis on ‘moment’

Peter Alliss really is going to have to be forcibly retired, isn’t he?

He’s getting the names wrong approx 66% of the time.

Come on hideki!

:smiley: :smiley:


Looks pretty open heading into the final day. Would love Matsuyama or Oosthuizen to win it

I’ve backed Matsuyama for the all the majors for the last 3 years or so, so would be nice to break even with a win here.

Also have Molinari e/w so hopefully he can come through too.

Hard to pick a winner at the moment. I think Thomas might come through at this rate.

FFS Matsuyama :frowning:

This is the worst coverage of any sporting event i can remember.

Important shots missed and Alliss clearly hasn’t got a clue who most of these players are. That leaves Ken Brown and who appears to be Mrs Doubtfire left in the commentary box.

Come on Francesco or Hideki

It’s bad, but quite enjoying mark james. Alliss should have been pensioned off years ago.

Well done to Thomas in the end. As mentioned Alliss really needs to be put out to pasture.