PGA Championship

Golf’s second major is upon us. This course looks stellar, Rory won here in 2012. Playing at almost 7800 yards! Took Daniel Berger in my fantasy golf league, need to make a splash.

Anyone going to watch?

What’s the course this time @NeilYoung ?

I’ll be watching.

7800 yards is ridiculous. Can’t help thinking that if you try to counteract the big hitters by making the courses even longer, you ensure that only the big hitters can win? If they want to do something about it they need to be a lot cleverer than just moving tees back.

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Pretty scenic, if the wind picks up could be an interesting weekend.

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I’ll be watching when I can! The course looks fun. Water threats at pretty much every hole? Yes please. Wasn’t really into golf back in 2012 so haven’t seen it played before.

Have the following team in a golf sweepstake / pool game I’m in (lowest scoring team wins, any player who doesn’t make the cut gets the lowest score of the day, so basically you’re screwed if someone doesn’t make the cut)

  1. Jon Rahm
  2. Rory McIlroy
  3. Brooks Koepka
  4. Jordan Spieth
  5. Will Zalatoris
  6. Cameron Smith

66/1 on ol’ JR this time.

This has not gone especially well for you after day 1 :grimacing:

I had money on Berger too. Alas

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Haha oh god no, thats a missed cut. When you start bogey, bogey, double, bogey that will do it to you.

Was impressed was Phil today mostly, righted the ship when it looked like the wheels were about to fall off.

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Very generous of Cameron Tringale to let me take over from the 14th when he was still in contention, but ultimately may cost him.


Was just talking about that on the ole group message. -3 after the 11th hole, to that. Implosion personified.


Really can’t stand Phil Mickelson, so hoping just about anyone catches him here

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Good player, really bad human

Is he? I always quite liked him. Has he done something horrendous I should be aware of?

Not horrendous afaik, just the archetypical republican American golfer , in my head at least

There was a dodgy insider trading thing he wriggled his way out of.

He used to have a reputation for treating other players on the circuit like dirt. I think he’s mellowed as he’s got older.

There were also the Ryder Cups where he threw Sutton and Watson under the bus after the US’s defeats.

He definitely had an Adele style moan about tax too, that’s the one i remember.

Final group started at 6.30pm, I think? So 3.5 hours for 9 holes so far. Jeez.

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I don’t understand how they manage it

I play 18 holes in 4 hours and that is with 100 shots, 6 lost balls, a break for a sausage sandwich and absolutely no one ever looking for my ball.

They must literally take 10 minutes lining up each shot. Admittedly they do slightly better than me, but…

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