Phantom Thread

Out today! I’m so excited!

PTA rate thread?

  • Hard Eight
  • Boogie Nights
  • Magnolia
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • There Will Be Blood
  • The Master
  • Inherent Vice
  • Phantom Thread

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Punch-Drunk Love just pipping There Will Be Blood for me

The Master very very closely followed by TWBB.


Water looked so beautiful in The Master!

Ruffers already made a ghost thread! Etc


Any film ever over inherent vice.

PTA is probably a unique director in that his films are all so varied it’s like they feel like they were all made by different directors y’know? It’s remarkable.

I’ve enjoyed all of the films of his I’ve seen to varying degrees, with the exception of Punch-Drunk Love which I really, really disliked. Sounds like this could be one of his best so pretty excited to see it.

Why did you take against it?

Can you edit the topic title to Phantom Thread Thread?



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If this was by any other director I wouldn’t be interested in it, as it is I’m anticipating it probably more than anything else this year filmwise.

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It was a long time since I watched it so can’t specifically remember but I remember not being able to get behind Adam Sandler’s character and found the narrative quite irritating I guess? iirc correctly it was sort of ‘lonely outcast struggles to connect with people’ but I didn’t think it was done especially well. It was about 12 years ago I watched it so might have to watch it again but I do remember at the time not liking it at all.

Obviously Magnolia you bunch of try hards


Voted Boogie Nights as that film is great fun (while also being incredibly sad in places). Just edging out The Master which is also great. Also enjoyed Hard Eight and Punch Drunk Love.

Actually think that PTA is somewhat hit and miss. Find Magnolia somewhat overrated, particularly Tom Cruise’s performance. Seemed like a less good version of Short Cuts to me. There Will Be Blood is maybe the most overrated film I’ve seen in recent years (and I have actually seen it twice just to confirm this to myself). It’s like everything has just been turned up to 11 - the acting, the visuals, the score. If you dropped anything ‘normal’ into the film it would stick out like a sore thumb. Have Inherent Vice on Blu-ray - watched up to the last 20 minutes and then gave up…

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I have heard it is not very good compared to the others.

Magnolia is amazing but even he admits that it could do with about an hour’s worth of cutting

You could do with an hours worth of cutting

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This is probably fair


Hes good at making films, right enough

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