Phil King leaves Lush

hope he picked up some good bath bombs


it’s a weird one… i mean there were only a few dates left to play. i wonder why he couldn’t have hung on a few more days. Manchester looks like the very last show then i guess. bit of a downer to end the tour on! still i hope they find a bassist. it’s been a successful reunion it seems too so it’s all good. i guess. 20th anniversary yesterday of Chris Acland’s passing too.

He’s left a (very) brief statement on his own Twitter.

didn’t take long after the reformation. They only started gigging again in May.

I played with them a few months back and hung out with him, Emma and Miki afterwards, all of them were very warm and comfortable around each other so I can’t see it being a fight, maybe he just really needed to be back, he seems to have a lot of other stuff going on outside the band when chatting with him.

Wish them all the best, lovely people

Looks like it’s all done and dusted then. Gutted. Was really hoping for a new album and more gigs. Maybe I’m greedy. Would be nice to get a reason rather than the waffling they provide in the statement released last night but then they don’t have to I suppose ! Or maybe it was always planned to be just the one tour ?

final EVER show tonight in Manchester, gutted i can’t see it. saw their last ever show with the original line up bitd at Phoenix Fest 96.

good luck to them.


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Break your silence Phil King !

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All very strange.


I haven’t read this whole thing, so forgive me if this has been said but Popbitch reckons (so it must be true) he got punched, which led to this happening.

link to article ? I’ve had a look on Popbitch webstite and can’t see anything

I don’t use the site. Just the newsletter. If it’s not on the site I am not sure if it’s been taken down, but here is the text

>> Big Questions <<
Who's asking what this week?

When Lush’s bassist left the
recently reformed band, the
statement they put out was
curiously vague, but is there
any truth to the rumour that
he walked after getting smacked
in the face after an argument
with a bandmate?

Emma looks like she could throw a mean left hook tbh tbf…