Philip Davies is a cunt


This is the same guy who has previously filibustered the Tenancies Reform Bill, first aid training in primary schools and free hospital parking for hospital carers.



He’s finished! Maybe he heard me…


Pretty ridiculous that reforms and laws and stuff can be blocked by someone just talking for ages (in 2016)


He is genuinely the greatest argument against the British system of electing parliamentary representatives.


It’s mad isn’t it. Don’t quite understand the rationale.


doing Irish history at school i thought it was kind of amazing how the Irish Home Rule MPs would use this method endlessly to stop parliament from getting anything done and forced them to address their issue. but yeah, the fact that it still exists in 2016 and is being used for things like this is baffling.


also just gonna post this in here as well



Here’s my Irish history contribution for the day. One of the most badass revolutionaries you’ve ever seen.


Was also thinking of making a ‘Former UK towns you’re sure other members of DiS have never visited thread’ to really highlight the history of colonialism. Then I realised that’d be utterly pointless and why wouldnI want to troll a forum I really like posting on.


So much this. It’s a fucking nonsense!



Whenever this was being voted on in the European Parliament, the Tories and UKIP almost never supported it.


Who’s that? It’s certainly a cool picture!


Imagine being called Phillip Davies. What a fucking boring name.


There’s one who works here and he’s incredibly boring and monotone. His hobby is a train set.


Constance Markievicz! Active participant in the 1916 Rising and the Irish Civil War and also the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons (though she didn’t take up her seat and joined the breakaway Irish government.)


No it’s fine, you see, because if it was a gender-neutral bill he’d be all for it.

So that’s fine, then. All fine.


I remember you lot cheering on the filibustering that went on to block that anti-gay rights bill in the States a few years back, mind.


Cheers, interesting stuff. Will have a thorough read of the wiki in a bit!