Phobia tips




I have a phobia which is really really odd and unusual and I’ve googled it and it does exist but seems rarely rare. I’ve never told anyone in the world about it ever, I dunno if anyone has ever noticed it (they’ve probs noticed me acting weird but not known why). It doesn’t make me hysterical but more nauseous and feel disgusting if I come in close contact to pho ia thing.

Its not really life changing but i’d say it hinders me pretty much every day to a small degree

Dunno how to get any sort of help without telling people about it which is almost as bad a thought as is existence in the first place


I didn’t get my wisdom teeth taken out. I was in absolute agony on and off for a couple of years, then it was a less throbbing pain, then just occasional manageable pain. I was so scared of getting them removed because i believed some things other people told me, but odd horror stories aren’t the norm.

I wouldn’t particularly recommend doing likewise, as it will cause more infections, food build-ups, worse breath and front teeth to become cramped, but it’s very rare for them to grow/push past your late twenties, so if it was an absolutely daunting thing you might be able to swerve the op.

Possibly terrible advice.


people can’t help what they have a phobia of so don’t feel bad about it on top of everything else if you can manage it :slight_smile:

Obviously you don’t have to say anything you are not comfortable with but I hope it goes without saying that you will get no judgement from people on here about it.


Feel free to share it with us if you feel comfortable. Someone may have the same or similar thing and be able to help.

I would guess mine is classed as a phobia, and it’s a bit weird, mine is stickers. It’s not so bad any more but if I saw a sticker stuck somewhere or on a shoe, I’d literally heave. Now I can kind of peel them off fruit but I don’t even really like them in my house. If anyone from a charity box tries to put a sticker on me, I’d make an excuse or let them stick it on and freeze and peel it off whilst heaving. All stickers have to be folded directly in half with no exposing sticky bits! I’m gonna be an auntie soon and kids like stickers and that makes me feel ill!
Oh I feel sick now don’t know why I started talking about this!


Hi Kermy,
I’ve been hypnotised for my fear of flying. I’m not sure it worked straight away but they gave me the recordings of my hypnosis which helped me in the run up to flights (I’d be panicking from the second I booked a flight even if it wasn’t for 6 months) and I think that helped me overall. I wouldn’t get your hopes up like you’re going to be cured instantly but it will help to some level.

Re: dentists. My dad had a massive phobia of the dentist for years. He would extract his own teeth and do his own dental work rather than going to the dentist. He tried a few specialists and nothing worked but then eventually he started going to our dentist who is super chill and nice and now my dad says if the dentist moves to Australia, he’ll have to pop there for his dental treatments :joy:
So it’s not impossible for people to get over their phobia of the dentist!
I do think the best way to do it will be going as much as you can and it’ll get better each time. Could you get some diazepam from your doctor?


I had a pretty bad phobia of polystyrene for a while, I remember not liking it as a little kid and then when I was about 18 it got a lot worse. I’d wretch and have to leave if I heard someone rubbing it or whatever.

I got a job where I had to fit solid insulation (has a lot of similar properties to polystyrene) into roofs a few years later, was really anxious about it but it had gone away by then.

sorry, misread the thread title as ‘boring phobia anecdotes’. don’t have any tips but good luck kerm.


Thank you!
Yeah I’ll speak to my doctor about prescribing me something for check ups and whatnot :slight_smile: glad your dad got over his fear and found someone who works for him! X


not really stopped to appreciate it before but I’m really lucky to not have any phobias


Last time I went the dentist he asked when the last time I had an appointment was and I said ‘nine years’ without hesitation as though that’s perfectly normal. Haha. He went “riight, okay.” and then at the end of the inspection said “the good thing is you’ve got no holes. not bad for nine years.” The end.


Just another big up for hypnotherapy. My Mum had an awful fear of birds, butterflies, moths. Was becoming a bit daft in terms if she couldn’t walk down a street with pigeons on.

Now she is, not fine, but so, so much better after hypnotherapy.

@harru there are prob phobia based Hypno podcasts etc that may help if you don’t want to share. The method is similar despite the fear if that makes sense.


I second what DB has said about xanex. Do you have a good relationship with your GP? They should be able to give you a small prescription for some benzos for something like this.

I’m sorry if this sounds really harsh, but the best thing I’ve found after my benzos ran out is just to face it. I used to have a horrible phobia of the dentist (probs due to having fillings in childhood with no anaesthetic) and forcing myself to go to the dentist and thinking rationally has helped immeasurably. Also, like DB said having understanding, dentist is so important.

I think you can do online CBT courses for this sort of thing too? I never tried them cos CBT hasn’t worked for me in the past, but everyone is different.


what the fuck :grimacing: